References of the Caged Bird Metaphor

Saying the Lord's name is like flinging open the cage and freeing your soul. - Osip Mandelstam's "Freedom": 

I know why the caged bird sings - Maya Angelou 

Critics, don't worry. I'm in a cage. - Mirza Ghalib

Dus dware ka pinjara, taame panchhi paun.
Rahibe ko acharaj hai, jaaye to acharaj kaun.
- Kabir

This cage has ten doors and the encaged is so thin like air. It is a miracle that it is living inside, not surprising when it is out of the cage.

I am a free bird singing for living. - Shivpreet Singh


  1. In this cage of 10 doors to escape I am astonished that the bird is still encaged. What is the wonder when it escapes and frees itself... Is he referring to human soul and spirit encaged in this body... When their are so many paths to enlightenment he is wondering why is the soul still trapped

    1. And when the soul finally escapes (through death may be) What is the wonder... It is inevitable to escape from cage of life