Faqirana Aye Sada Kar Chale - Mir Taqi Mir

Faqirana Aye Sada Kar Chale - Mir Taqi Mir

Faqiraana aae sadaa kar chale,
Miyaan khush raho ham dua kar chale.

Jo tujh bin na jeene ko kahte the ham,
So is ahd ko ab wafa kar chale.

Koi naumidana karte nigah,
So tum ham se munh bhi chhipa kar chale.

Bahut aarzoo thi gali ki teri,
So yaan se lahu mein naha kar chale.

Dikhai diye yun ke bekhud kiya,
Hamen aap se bhi juda kar chale.

Jabin sijda karte hi karte gayi,
Haq-e-bandgi ham ada kar chale.

Prastash ki yaan taeen ke ai but tujhe,
Nazr mein sabhon ki Khuda kar chale.

Gayi umr dar band-e-fikr-e-ghazal,
So is fan ko aisa bara kar chale.

Kahen kya jo puchhe koi ham se Mir,
Jahaan mein tum ae the kya kar chale.

English Translation:

As a fakir* I did come to thee yelling I went away.
Be happy chum-buddy praying I went away.

I won’t live without you this I’d avowed.
To this pledge firm to be, on with it I went away.

Giving me no hopes, give me such a look.
Hiding face from me, you simply went away.

To be to your street, greatly I’d wished.
Blood-bathed there from me, I left and went away.

Your gaze made me disown my senses.
Separating thus you from me, I estranged away.

My forehead to the ground, each step I’d prayed.
Rightful duty, that comes for thee; I took it all the way.

I adored you so much O idol my love.
And you had become a deity, this all fancied away.

Composing ghazals, whole life for it I’d spent.
Made to blossom this artistry via this way.

What should I tell if someone asks me, O Meer!
In this world you come to be, what you did going away.