Love and the Mool Mantra

Guru Nanak's teachings are undoubtedly about love. So are Guru Arjan's teachings. The Mool Mantra is given the highest importance in the Guru Granth Sahib. So the obvious question is where is love in the Mool Mantra? Love surrounds the Mool Mantra.

The act of repitition of the the mool mantra itself is love. The recognition of oneness is love. The acceptance of truth is filled with love. Nirbhau and Nirvair are straightforward corollaries to love. If there is love, how can there be fear. And if there is love, how can there be any enmity?

The love of the Mool Mantra is endless. It is constant. The love of the Mool Mantra is timeless.

Shabads often tell us that our Gurus are full of love. And since shabad is our guru, why should it not be full of love. And because Mool Mantra is the basis of all shabads, why should the Mool Mantra not be resplendent in love:

Love is in oneness
Love is the truth
Love is the doer 
Love is fearless
Love is foeless
Love is timeless
Love is constant
Love makes love
Love is my Guru's Gift