Raag Kalashri - Mundhe Gun Daasi Sukh Hoye

I was listening to a recording that I did with Santoor maestro Pt. Sandeep Chatterjee. We did a couple of recordings of raags that were new to him and I asked him for a raag that he would teach me. And he explained Kalashri (also spelled Kalashree) to me.  We recorded Mool Mantra and "Aad Sach" (See 19141-1.3 Kalashri Mool Mantra with Santoor). 

I randomly listened to this today and did some mixing and effects on the track. But it sounds like the recording that we did was much like Kalavati. So I looked up Kalashri on YouTube and seems like it was a raag conceived by Pt. Bhimsen Joshi.  Pt. Bhimsen Joshi defines it in the following recording. This is obviously is a mix of Kalavati and Rageshri.  It is similar to Raag Jansamohini, and Madh Kalyan (Also spelled Mudh Kalyan, Explained by Salamat Ali Khan). 

Other Recordings That I liked

I really liked this rare raag. And randomly picked a shabad to form a new bandish. Its Guru Nanak's shabad in Raag Shreeraag, Mundhe Gun Daasi Sukh Hoye - Happiness is through the slavery of virtue. For notes on the new composition see this blog post: Gun Daasi Sukh Hoye