The Kirpa Dhaar Project - Healing Through Music

The Kirpa Dhaar Project 

Kirpa Dhaar is a prayer by Guru Amar Das in Raag Bilawal in which he prays for the saving of the burning world. 2020 is a a tough year for a lot of people because of the pandemic. So this project is ongoing attempt to heal through music ... Shabads from this project include Shri Harkrishan, Taati Voa Na Lagai, Jo Mange Thakur Apne Te.  

Music and Oneness abounds despite the Covid-19 pandemic. I am spending some time recording some simple tracks while we are quarantined in California. This album will be my humble attempt to make love proximate, even as we are all physically distant due to the concerns of spreading of the virus. I believe this album will provide strength, peace and joy at a time when grief, fear and uncertainty has gripped the world. 

Audio Can be Found on SoundCloud

I might not make videos for each track for this album but you can find the audio here:

Some of the Videos, in addition to older are on this YouTube Playlist


You Can Also Contribute

The making of the album will be public and I encourage musicians, singers, and novices to contribute if they want to this project ... or just listen, play and/or sing along for fun!