Notes Taken While Listening to Album Rama Taar Le

Notes Taken While Listening to Album Rama Taar Le

Sep 19 - 

Listening and preparing First series of final mixes

Redid Kaise Man. Especially the low end. Added a kick.  Made ending less complicated. Compression in voice was making midhighs shrieky. Lots of other changes to make it more simple and soothing. It is sounding a lot better. Looking forward to hearing it with the rest of the album now. 

Sep 18 -

Kaise man -
Lower vox 0.5db. Lower total 1db. Raise compression 0.5db. Lower bass by 0.5db. Check with saas saas. 

Moko taar le
Sounds fine. 

Sansar Samunde
Noise on sax? Frequency? 

Lots of vox clashing. Stereo sep better - turn left and right completely sometimes. Also maybe eq separation of mid ranges. 
Flute disturbances. Hmm?? 

Man ek Na chetas 
Noise ... bass and voice clipping. May need low end side chain compression. Also check master with saas saas. Sarangi loud compared to vox in some parts. Lower sarangi. 

Saranjaam laag. 
Vox scrubbing. Levels sound okay.