Avadhuta Yugan Yugan Hum Yogi - Kabir by Pandit Kumar Gandharva

Listening to this beautiful bandish by Pandit Kumar Gandharva today. And beautiful thoughts. Kabir says, "I have always been a yogi.  A yogi is the one who is consuming the unstruck melody." This listening reminds me of the rare form of the old Raag Bilawal where dha is vaadi.  Although I read somewhere this was Raag Nirguni Maand. To me it seems like a raag that Pt. Gandharva created. The lyrics remind me of Guru Gobind Singh's Sanyasa and Ray man eh bidh jog kamaa-o, Guru Nanak's Aad Sach (infinity), Gali Jog Na Hoyee and Baba Jugta Jio Jugai Jug Jogi.   

Lyrics and Translation

Avadhuta Yugan Yugan Hum Yogi
Avay na Jaye Mitaina Kabahun, Sabad Anahat Bhogi

O enlightened one, I have been a yogi
In age after age,
I neither come nor go,
I cannot be obliterated,
I revel in the primordial sound.

Subhi Thor Jamaat Humri Jamaat, Sub Hi Thor Pur Mela
Hum Sub May, Sub Hai Hum May, Hum Hai Bahuri Akela

Everywhere around me,
I see only community,
Everywhere, only carnival,
I am in all, all are in me,
I am utterly alone.

Hum Hi Sidh, Samadhi Hum Hi, Hum Mauni Hum Bole
Rup Swarup Arup Dikhake, Hum Hi Mein Hum Toh Khelen

I am the mystic, I the illumination
I am the wordless, I the speaker
I don human form, divine form,
Sometimes I sport the formless,
There is none but I
Frolicking within myself.

Kahe Kabira Jo, Suno Bhai Sadho, Naahi Na Koi Icha
Apni Madhi Mein Aap Mein Dolu, Kheloon Sahaj Swa-Icha

Kabir says, O wanderer,
All desire gone,
I dance within my own hut
Spontaneous reveler
Stirred only by the winds
Of my own freedom.

Another Translation

Oh unattached being I am a yogi from many a eons
I don't come or go nor do I get erased
I relish and enjoy the un-struck Anahat Shabad
In every direction I see only a collection and carnival of me
I am in everybody and everybody is in me. I am utterly alone
I am the Siddha, I am the Samadhi
I am the one who remains silent, I am the one who speaks
The form is my own form manifesting the formless
I am the one who plays with himself
Kabir says, listen oh Sadhu, there is no desire anymore
I am floating in myself in my own little hut playing effortlessly by own desire