Pavan Guru - Guru is the pristine breath needed for a joyful life

Millions of acres of wildfires are burning currently in California, and the air is full of smoke; it is difficult to breathe outside.  It reminds me of how important clean air is for living.  When Guru Nanak says Pavan Guru he relates such a necessity. Just like no one can live without air, an effervescent life is not possible without the Guru.  In essence, to me Guru is the pristine breath needed for a joyful life. Those who are close to this Guru, those who one inhales this pavan through the remembrance of oneness ... they are the ones whose faces are resplendent with radiance. And they spread their joy to so many others around them. 

And I am reminded of Guru Nanak's poem "Pavan Guru:" 

Air is our guru, the earth is our mother and water is our father.  Under the watchful eyes of caretakers, the night and day, we play.  Some live to love, while others stray far.  Those who stay near end with shining faces and spread their radiance to so many others.

This is one of many interpretations I have for this poem. I am sure if I do this tomorrow, or in a year from now, it will be different. Words are inadequate to describe the joy of Gurbani.  To truly experience the joy of these words, sing them with love.  

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