Ibtida-e-ishq hai - Mir Taqi Mir

Aage Aage Dekhiye Hota hai kya - comes from this Mir Taqi Mir ghazal: 

(1) इब्तेदा-ए-इश्क़ है; रोता है क्या?!
      आगे-आगे देखिये होता है क्या?! 
इब्तेदा/Ibtedaa/ابتدا  = Beginning, Start

Ibtedaa-e-Ishq Hai; Rotaa Hai Kyaa?!
Aage-Aage Dekhiye Hota Hai Kyaa?!

It’s (Just) the Beginning of Love; (and You Have) Already Started Crying?! Just Watch What Happens Next!


नींद अब तेरे मुक़द्दर में नहीं 
रात के पिछले पहेर सोता है क्या?!

Neend Ab Tere Muqaddar Mein Naheen
Raat Ke Pichhle Paher Sotaa Hai Kyaa?!

Sleep Is Not in Your Fate; (And You Are Trying to) Sleep in the Last Quarter of the Night?!


ये निशाने-इश्क़ हैं; जाते नहीं
दाग़ छाती के अबस  धोता है क्या?!
अबस/Abas/عبث = व्यर्थ में, in Vain, to No Purpose

Ye Nishaan-e-Ishq Hain Jaate Naheen
Daagh Chhaati Ke Abas Dhotaa Hai Kyaa

These are the Scars of Love; They Never Go Away! Trying in Vain to Wash Off the Wounds on the Chest?!


गिर के उठना, उठ के चलना सीख ले 
पाके मंज़िल इस तरह खोता है क्या?!

Gir Ke Uthnaa; Uth Ke Chalnaa, Seekh Le
Paake Manzil Iss Tarah Khotaa Hai Kyaa?!

Learn to Get up and Walk after the Fall; Would You Let the Destination Slip Away after You Have Almost Reached There?!

Full Ghazal: 

Ibtida-e-ishq hai rota hai kya
Aage Aage dekhiye hota hai kya

Qafile mein subah ke ek shor hai
Yaani ghaafil hum chale sota hai kya

Sabz hoti hi nahi yeh sar zameen
Turkm-e-khwahish dil mein tu bota hai kya

Turkhm - seed; sabz - green

Yeh nishaan-e-ishq hain jaate nahin,
Daagh chhaati ke abas dhota hai kya

Abas - needlessly

Ghairat-e-Yousaf hai yeh waqt-e-aziz,
Mir isko raigaan khota hai kya

Raigaan - waste 

Another English translation

It’s only the beginning of love, why dost thou groan?
O, wait and see what happens as you onward move.

The clamour of the morning caravan gives a clarion call:
“Here we go, you sluggard, high time you woke!”

Never shall it sprout, the valley of my heart,
Why sow the seed of desire in this barren soil?

These are the stains of love, indelible, ingrained,
In vain dost thou labour to wash your breast clean

Dearer than beauteous Yousaf, each hour of life,
Why do you, O Mir, let it slip in vain?

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