Celebrating International Women's Day with Jane Hirshfield and Mirabai

Shivoham - Pt. Rajendra Prasanna

Two of my favorite women poets, Jane Hirshfield and Mirabai. And singing about the flute. Ah the love!  Now only if someone could add Emily Dickinson in the mix. Well, perhaps the flute music and this cute poem will suffice until that magic happens.  What better way to celebrate international women's day. Even though I must be guilty of celebrating these three poets a lot more than once a year. 

The sound of the flute

The sound of the flute, O sister, is madness.
I thought that nothing that was not God could hold me,
But hearing that sound, I lose mind and body,
My heart wholly caught in the net.
O flute, what were your vows, what is your practice?
What power sits by your side?
Even Mira’s Lord is trapped in Your seven notes.

– Mirabai
(Translated by Robert Bly and Jane Hirshfield)


  1. Always loved the sound of the flute. Beautiful dear Shivpreetsingh ji. Mirabai too with that lovely musical instrument and Jane Hirshfield. The sound of the flute is lovely. Happy Women's Day.