Music is like a bouquet of flowers

In the past couple of days I have been sharing some of my new music (Prem, That's Amore) with some of my Russian angels. This evening I received a gift from one of them named Svetlana (, and here is what the gift was: a picture of a bouquet:

This wonderful gift reminded me of how to sing of oneness, and that is to share your love with your friends. When you passionately send something that you have made with love with friends, you have gone beyond the human boundaries of love. For to love is only human, but to share your love is angelic. Because it inspires others to love more.

What is really beautiful about Svetlana is that she reminded me that love needs no language. My music is like a bouquet of flowers that conveys love better than words. No wonder there are so many people who do not understand Brij Bhasha (the language of my singing), and quite a few who have a limited understanding of English (the language of my poetry), but they still see my love clearly. What is more magical? I am grateful for angels like Svetlana in my life.