The day Amy Winehouse died - A poem

The day Amy Winehouse died

"When I don't sing, I die."
- Guru Nanak

Today found in London
surprising her fans
cheating her foe
she was singing again.

Not anymore I
sing "You Know
I'm No Good"
She was singing

Noose of drugs
and alcohol
strangled my throat.
She was singing

Couldn't sing in Serbia
then Europe fell me apart
Like a house of cards.
She was singing

Going in and out
of a rehab journey
of complete starvation
she was singing.

I had my fill.
Like Bobby Sands at 27
I finally gave in
She was singing

And in the end
I stop searching
the right narcotic.
I found singing

I don't cheat myself
nor stand where I stood;
lying out of trouble
I Sing freely, I'm good!

- Shiv
July 23, 2011