Awesome Track from "Mauro the magician" from Italy: Rain

This morning I heard a new track from Mauro. Apparently it was raining and he put a mic on the window, and recorded some guitar and added some other tracks to that.

Here is Rain (This track will likely change from its current version as more musicians contribute to this, but I think it is already beautiful to listen to; I find this true of almost anything that Mauro records).

Some musicians make music that absolutely pierces your heart. Mauro Clerici from Alzate Brianza (Como, Italy) is one of those musicians. I call him "Mauro, the magician" because his music does magic to the soul. Every time I hear something from Mauro it is very inspiring and absolutely breathtaking. His music is a reflection of his self. His music is stunning because he is an absolutely stunnning human being. And we he talks and writes, even normal comments, he sometimes writes in poetry. Even his words sing and I love that.

Mauro says, "I play, maybe for passion.. or because I love vibrations.. or for an intimate need to do it." This is how one sings!

Recently I had the opportunity to make some music with Mauro. Here is the track he worked on. His guitar made the difference of an ordinary track and an extraordinary track. Much thanks!

Another song from Mauro that I love: