Jules' Open Letter to God ... A must read

I recently came across this beautifully honest piece of writing on a blog, a very frank and open letter to God written by Jules. A lot of people ask me what do you mean by "the purpose of life is to sing?" Well read this and you will understand from someone who has learned to sing in life.

Thanks to Jules I remembered today again that the right way to sing. The song of life needs to be based on truth, not superstition. To sing without superstition is a pure way to sing. To acknowledge what you don't know is the right way to sing. Songs of truth are not filled with answers, they are filled with wonder!

The letter is below, but to see his other writing and comments on this letter, click the following:

Open Letter to God From Jules

Dear God…

by Jules on July 18, 2011

Dear God,

This letter would have been a lot easier to write about 15 years ago, when I was searching for my faith or a faith or something. Now, I’m at peace with my beliefs. Some days, I believe You exist. Other days, I buy into the notion that everything is energy and it just gets recycled over and over again. I lean more towards the latter one.

But if You do exist, we’ve had a bumpy ride, haven’t we? Growing up Catholic, going against my family and attending the Methodist church when I was in the 7th grade, attending a Christian college, starting a college aged Bible study, the work trips, teaching Sunday school…and then finding out about other religions and realizing that religion is completely man-made and that all religions are essentially worshipping the same God, the same You.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade those times. I remember sitting on the floor of that hotel in the hallway with N, crying and feeling so loved, and accepting you into my heart. I remember the weeks I spent insulating and painting underprivileged people’s homes with my youth group. I still love the friends I made.

I just don’t know, though. My rational side sees the subatomic particles and understands the science of energy moving, neither being created nor destroyed. And the things people do IN Your name, You’d be ashamed. The people I feel the most criticized by are the ones who say they love You the most. How can that be? Jesus hung out with non-believers, with prostitutes, with the unwanteds. He would give the shirt off of his back to help another. Yet the Christian right doesn’t want poor people to have health care? That makes no sense to me.

As You know, I studied the Bible intensely for all of those years, especially in college. I don’t remember it saying anywhere in there that we are supposed to try to get as rich as we can, own as many things as we can, and leave those who are not as privileged by the wayside. And don’t give me the excuse of “only wanting your money to go to Christian organizations.” Jesus didn’t care. He gave to everyone. That’s what the Bible teaches. If you believe in it.

As someone who knows that the Bible has been changed over and over and over again, based on who the king was, I know to take it all with a grain of salt. It’s not the word of God. It’s a guidebook. But humans have touched it many times. How can you take it literally?

I really didn’t know that this was going to become a letter about all of the things I believe and don’t believe. That’s what poured out so I guess that’s what I needed to write.

If there is a Heaven, give big hugs to all of my loved ones.