You are missing out if you don't know Mali Woods (@maliwoods)

I am listening to Mali Woods today and excited that she will have some new music out soon (video section of her website: I am also excited that this will be a free download!

I have been thoroughly impressed with Mali ... with everything she does. In my opinion, she is likely one of the most accomplished and well-rounded independent musicians in the US. She really knows how to sing the song of life. She is a constant reminder of the song of oneness, which I believe is the purpose of our living. In whatever she does, whether it is singing, blogging, photographing (OMG!), videographing and speaking ... oneness shines in it; she reminds us of universal love.

It is clear that she works very hard on what she loves doing. She looks for perfection in whatever she does and it is quite apparent in her works. She is very entrepreneurial and thinks outside the box; her work stands out because it blends categories in many different ways and still is pure and beautiful (which is difficult to do in any neo-fusion work).

Words really aren't enough for this talented person. You have to go and check all that she is and all that she does. So go, if you haven't tasted what beauty tastes like, go check her website out: And add her on twitter ( and facebook ( In Mali's woods, those who have lost it, will find their hearts. I usually find mine.