The Window - A poem by Diana Matisz

Today my angel reminding me to sing is Diana Matisz's poem, "The Window". In this poem, Diana pictures an absolutely beautiful scene of someone waiting for her love at night. This is how you sing in raag bilawal when you are waiting for your love. It reminded me of Guru Arjan Dev's beautiful poem where the soul bride, decked up in necklaces, mascara and bridal gown waits for Krishna and says "Kab Ghar Aavai? Neend Na Aavai" - "When will you come home? I cannot sleep!"

Photo By Diana Matisz

The Window
Diana Matisz:

air tumescent with fat drops
of summer rain lift and billow
the curtain at the window
where she waits

skin tattooed with the lace
of shadowed leaves back lit
by a gibbous moon and rising
silver river mist

auras of sweet grass scents
ride the surface of her body
at the window where she waits
in lavender and lace


  1. I'm so honored to have my poem and photograph shared on your page. Your introduction adds a beautiful new dimension to the words. My heartfelt thanks.