Guru Gobind Singh - Jin Prem Kiyo Tin Hi Prabh Payo

This composition and article was updated in 2018. Here is the link: Guru Gobind Singh's Jin Prem Kiyo

This poem comes from "Tav-Prasad Savaiye," a hymn of 10 stanzas found on pages 13-15 of the Dasam Granth. It is a part of my dear Guru Gobind Singh ji's (1666 – 1708 AD) classic composition 'Akal Ustat' which means 'The praise of God'.

In the last line of the 9th stanza, my dear Guru says that 'Only those who love, realize God'. I think that is one of the most profound and elegant statements I have ever read. Because it simplifies the wisdom of almost all religions in one phrase: 'Only those who love, realize God'.

Following is a translation of the the 9th stanza. The translation of the entire "Tav-Prasad Savaiye" can be found on Wikipedia.

Kaha bhayo jo dou lochan mund kai baith rahio bak dhian lagaeo. What happened if one shut both eyes, sat and meditated? Nothing!

Nhat phirio leeai sat samundran lok gayo parlok gavaio. (What happened if one) bathed in seven of the holiest oceans? Time is lost on the earth and chances are lost beyond earth. (Read more: My views on Pilgrimages)

Bas kio bikhian so baith kai aise hi aise su bais bitaio. (What happened if one) wasted time in endless arguments over what is right and wrong? Nothing!

Sach kahon sun leho sabai jin prem kio tin hee prabh paio. I speak the truth, everyone Listen! Only those who love, realize God. (9)

However, like all shabads that I sing, I find that it is impossible to translate. Following is the poem I wrote based on this shabad. The rest of my poems can be found here:

Art by Simer from Sim creation!

Doesn't matter how long
my shut eye meditates
and howsoever long
my open mind contemplates

How far I rummage
from place to place;
every holy pilgrimage
just goes to waste!

Or have down deep
many scriptures dug,
but still fail to be
ONE like the lovebug*.

The plain truth remains
the eternal life of spring
that I wish to attain
only true love can bring

God, Guru Gobind Singh's "Jin Prem Kiyo", Simer Kaur

* The lovebug is a member of the family of march flies (thats why the reference of Spring). The specialty of the lovebug, because of which it gets its name, is that during and after mating, adult pairs remain coupled, even in flight, for up to several days! In that spring, there are not two, but just ONE! Two bodies one soul.

"Prem" means Love