Mind, Drenched - Man Bheena - Guru Nanak

After a long time, I am working on a beautiful poem by my dear Guru Nanak. It is called "Baras Ghana Meraa Man Bheena," which means, "O clouds rain hard so my mind is drenched." I have decided to sing this in public for the first time at a kirtan next month. In tune with the season, this is in Raag Malhar, and the poem is about the mind of a soul bride drenched with her love. It is sounding awesome already and I can't wait to finish composing, doing kirtan and recording. It will likely take about a month ...

Here is a rough translation of this poem:

I beg you my dear angel, unite me with my love. I hear the thunder in the clouds, and my mind is cooled and soothed; imbued with my beloved, I sing his praises. ||1||

The rain pours down; my mind is drenched with love.
Drops of ambrosial nectar please my heart;
loving the angel, I relish his essense ||1||Pause||

At intuitive peace and poise, that one is loved by her love who listens to the angel's message. Her love never departs, her mind and body are filled with joy. ||2||

She has detached herself from negativities; the universe is her love, her marriage eternal.
She has no separation nor sorrow; the universe showers her with Grace. ||3||

There is no coming or going; her mind be steady and stable.
The one who sings, that soul-bride is true, she is right. ||4||2||

Original in Gurmukhi:

krau ibnau gur Apny pRIqm hir vru Awix imlwvY ]

suix Gn Gor sIqlu mnu morw lwl rqI gux gwvY ]1]

brsu Gnw myrw mnu BInw ]

AMimRq bUMd suhwnI hIArY guir mohI mnu hir ris lInw ]1] rhwau ]

shij suKI vr kwmix ipAwrI ijsu gur bcnI mnu mwinAw ]
hir vir nwir BeI sohwgix min qin pRymu suKwinAw ]2]

Avgx iqAwig BeI bYrwgin AsiQru vru sohwgu hrI ]
sogu ivjogu iqsu kdy n ivAwpY hir pRiB ApxI ikrpw krI ]3]

Awvx jwxu nhI mnu inhclu pUry gur kI Et ghI ]
nwnk rwm nwmu jip gurmuiK Dnu sohwgix scu shI ]4]2]