O Songlet, why so serious? - A poem

O Songlet, why so serious?

Seeing her frivolous frown
despondent dad of the bride
pledged the minor's fix
with a half-note slide.

Mercilessly, he, with a knife
Sharpened her reluctant third
Until in bloody harmony
Her bliss he fully heard.

- Shiv
July 18, 2011

For those curious about the minor third: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minor_third

This is a poem about a composer who creates a sad song, and then tries to make it sound happy. Earlier today I was reading Emily Dickinson; so inspired I wrote a poem using her favorite structure in response to an Indie Ink challenge (my second!) from Manju: "Why so serious"

To read my challenge read Jazminedt's blog


  1. I just LOVE your poetry and your music.

    Amy L.

  2. Bravo Shiv! Not only do I like the words, I love the flow. I read it out loud to myself so I could hear it.

  3. Wow, beautiful. I stumble upon a lot of poetry blogs, but this might be the first poem that I've read on the blogosphere that's really stood out to me! Very well done.

  4. Thanks Billy ... Everything about my creations ... writing, poetry or song ... is about the rhythm of life. So I am glad you found it here.

  5. Thanks K ... Thanks for being an angel. I am going to print that comment and put it on the wall for a week for inspiration. Did I say thanks?

  6. Shiv...I'm not sure why this didn't make it onto the spreadsheet, but I just put it in for you. This is really a powerful poem. Sometimes moving from minor to major can feel cutting, can't it?

  7. I am not very versed in music but this poem sang with such harmony and rhythm that I couldn't help but be moved. A great piece Shiv, thanks.

  8. Hi Shiv the music widget on your blog played "Prem, That's Amore - Raag Asa NEW by Shiv" Such a beautiful rendition. Where can I buy this song ?

  9. Thanks all ... Steph, Maren, Kat, K! Creative the songs are mostly free ... they are available from any widget or sign on the email-list at shivpreetsingh.com