Who is Guru Nanak? - An original poem

Who is Guru Nanak?

Dear friend,
Its Guru Nanak
I sing of

Not the one who was
born in Punjab in 1469
Not the one who rejected

long-held customs for sanity's sake
Not the one who traveled
24 years with fellow musicians

from country to country
mountain to plain to river
singing love songs

I sing of the one who lives
in me and you, that universal
teacher who sings truth

truth that is the one timeless formator
truth that is without fear or enmity
truth that doesn't take birth nor die

who sings through so many orifices
and in so many tongues,
whether you or I sing him or not.

the singer of the source
the singer of one and all
of wisdom of you and me

the reminder of our oneness
beginner and ender of thought

that Guru Nanak I sing of