Singing in the moment - On Marie Ponsot's Out of Water

Here is a poem about living and singing in the Now.

Out of Water

A new embroidery of flowers, canary color,
                        dots the grass already dotty
                        with aster-white and clover.

I warn, “They won’t last, out of water.”
The children pick some anyway.

In or out of  water
children don’t last either.

I watch them as they pick.
Still free of  what’s next
            and what was yesterday
they pick today.

My take:
This poem beautifully compares children to flowers, how they cannot stay out of water, and how they both do what they are meant to do in the moment. Flowers and children sing in their own ways.  During the time they are in water, flowers keep blooming.   Children pick flowers despite being told that the flowers will die unless they are kept in water.  Flowers keep blooming; children keep picking.