Apostrophe - An original poem (reacting to today's Wall Street Journal article)


"There's a question mark hanging
on apostrophe's future." is the title
of the most popular article
in today's Wall Street Journal.

The apostrophe is in grave
danger contends the Apostrophe
Protection Society because geographical
names in the US cannot carry an apostrophe.

This happens to fall on Adrienne Rich's birthday.
What kind of calamitous times are these really?
Those trees in her poem are now stumps,
shiv, because metaphors are needless.

And in the meeting-place nearby
the revolutionaries of these times
meet: the comma, semi-colon,
period and their cousin marks.

Infuriated by the blatant racism.
they are now each demanding
an institution of support of their own
lest they suffer the same catastrophe.