Lets not call them terrorists, lets call them losers - Bill Maher

Are we giving them too much credit calling them terrorists?

Bill Maher ended Friday's episode of "Real Time" with a rant on America's reaction to the Tsarnaev brothers, the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings. To Maher, the brothers are just another entry in a long list of terrorists or would-be terrorists that are hardly the criminal masterminds they're depicted as.

"They had no escape plan, no disguises, and they got captured," Maher said, "Because they did not foresee that the Boston Marathon would be photographed."

He also rejected the call from many conservatives to dispense with Dzhokhar's Miranda Rights and try him as an enemy combatant. "Why call every murderer an ememy combatant? That's like calling everyone in porn a porn star. It cheapens it for the real artists," he joked.

In fact, he believes that the most accurate term for the brothers was coined by their own uncle. Maher said: "Let's acknowledge we've entered a new phase in the War on Terror by renaming it the War on Losers," quoting their uncle Ruslan Tsarni, who said their main motive was just "being losers."

Maher rattled off other instances that terrorists have failed in attacking U.S. soil. "The 'Times Square Bomber' couldn't make gasoline explode. The 'Shoe Bomber' couldn't light his shoes on fire, and the 'Underwear Bomber' couldn't light his underoos."

The main victim, he said, is our sense of safety -- and the cost of that sense being shaken.

"Bin Laden's plan wasn't to kill us all," he said. "It was to scare us into overreacting, and destroy ourselves. Because if there's one thing those terrorists proved they can blow up, it's our balance sheet," he continued, pointing out that the Department of Homeland Security has received over $790 billion since the Sept. 11 attacks.