How to go from loneliness to love - Poem by Linda Gregg: Bamboo and a Bird

I am reading this poem by Linda Gregg (and I am reminded I want to read her book "All of it singing"), this poem is about loneliness and how the narrator becomes comfortable and accepting of their loneliness.  It is true that in this life, we come alone and we go alone.  Loneliness is one of the colors of life to be accepted and sung.  Sometimes we prefer to be alone, perhaps when you are tired or want to do some introspection.

Still it is also true, that what we truly aspire is not loneliness, it is love.  Reflecting on this poem. I am thinking that strangeness leads to loneliness, and oneness leads to love.  But there maybe a direct path from loneliness to love.  Recognizing that we are lonely, and that we are not the only ones that are lonely, that everyone is lonely ... that is the connection between loneliness and love.  And that is the path shown in the following poem by Linda Gregg:

Bamboo and a Bird
- Linda Gregg

In the subway late at night.
Waiting for the downtown train
at Forty-Second Street.
Walking back and forth
on the platform.
Too tired to give money.
Staring at the magazine covers
in the kiosk. Someone passes me
from behind, wearing an orange vest
and dragging a black hose.
A car stops and the doors open.
All the faces are plain.
It makes me happy to be
among these people
who leave empty seats
between each other.