Thanks to those who listen to me and send me love letters ...

Usually I thank one individual on each blog entry, but I thought this week I would write a note of thanks to all you angels who listen to my music and encourage me to sing. I am blessed that I have you as my angels; I am a big fan of yours and hope I get to know most of you better.

You look at me like Mother Teresa looked at those children at Calcutta. I am truly thankful to you and the honor that you bestow upon me.

I have a regular day-time job and also like spending time with my family. So I have lesser time than a full-time musician would have on their music. Also, for that same reason, I don't, like many musicians travel from town to town to make my songs heard. I sit in the corner of your computer, like a street musician, and sing to myself hoping that a listening angel will encourage me.

I don't have a very well equipped studio. Its just me, a room with a computer and a keyboard, with a few flutes and myself. Sometimes I get help from musicians who are gracious enough to help me, but mostly I do everything from recording, mixing and production myself.

I try to hire musicians on reverbnation and elsewhere on the web and radio and am generally in awe with the talent out there. There are so many talented people that sing and you have many choices for listening. I am often amazed that you give me some time from the time you can spend listening to such brilliantly talented artists. I am truly grateful.

And my marketing is laughable by even indie music standards. It entails presence on a few webpages, some blogs, facebook, myspace and twitter. That is it! I don't know any radio stations. I don't know how the music business

You are used to listening to much better musicians

However, not everything is to my disadvantage. My biggest advantages are my teachers.  Guru Nanak is my spiritual guide and essentially the inspiration for all my music; he has shown me how to love. Pandit Raghunath Prasanna trained me in Indian Classical Music; he did not ever ask for or expect any monetary renumeration for what he taught me. How could he; what he taught me was priceless.

My parents encourage me on a day-to-day basis and do not get tired with my practice sessions around the house, and let me spare some time from my holidays -- which I could be spending with them -- on my music. I am truly grateful.