Original Poetry In An Original Form - Ladder Poetry

Take it seriously shiv
you live now
to sing

shiv, like a child,
with no cares, rules, boundaries

will you be
shiv's friend?

Passing Stranger
For ignoring my faults
I will ignore your strangeness

Dear stranger
I just want you to
know that shiv loves you too

Stranger, I
love you

Dear stranger
who thinks I am weird
I don't find you weird anymore

Dear Stranger
I may not have been
sent here to sing to you but
now that I am here, I serenade!

First, there's the fear of death shiv
Then the loosing of ego
In the end love

The river that flows in me
also flows in you and just like you
about the final ocean shiv has little clue

There she sits shiv,
the sexy, sweet singing,
beautiful, bejeweled tomorrow

Can't finish the song
that you didn't
start shiv

Let me tell you a secret,
shiv, open your ears
close your eyes

You can't hear
the song unless you
turn down your ego shiv

There are two kinds of beauty shiv
the beauty of beauty, and the
relinquishing of beauty

Don't conform to norms shiv
sing brutally honest
sing true

Raging beauty of flowers
Then their undressing
shiv, year after year

It's too spicy
I can't not have it either
shiv, what a word pickle poem

Your life is your message
make it inspiring
shiv sing!

Starry nights
drenched with due
above all, dreams of you

When I leave my path
my path follows
my song

I meditate in the morning because
Dalai Lama said that the best
meditation is sleep

Don't make me walk
In a straight line
After singing

Sans music
poetry is like a
painting without color.

I think this is it.
Life love truth and all.
Now. That's reincarnation.

Hope: Today
tomorrow dreams
For a future with you

Absence of reason
makes love beautiful
and goodbyes painful

A moment of silence
for the songs

Dear question
that has no answer
thanks for your wonder

Make it gorgeous shiv
in the wave of life
catch sunlight

The smaller the size
of bamboo, shiv,
higher it sings

Shiv if you are not drunk
from these words
it's not poetry

There is no tree planted, shiv,
which does not belong
in its place

Shiv's an intermittent poet
with a terminal illness
to know it all

This world's not all bad
Neither good, shiv,
Just Colorful!

You have no eyes
For truth

I've searched all the oceans
There is no deeper book
Than the heart shiv

Will you be my teacher?
Inspire me like you inspire others?

Due to your craziness
And silly ideas
I love you

Only one who has truly sung
has known the unknown
sing shiv sing

Pineapple Popsicle
That's not a

This hour is a house
quietly vacant

The teacher
of all teachers is one.

Sometimes a sparkling star
Sometimes star dust
Colors of shiv

Don't lose what you love
shiv, in the busyness
of this life

I am nothing
More than a handful of sand
But you can't blow me with the wind

I think this is it.
Life love truth beauty.
Now. That's reincarnation.

Crazy people
don't have horns
on their heads shiv.

It takes 17 muscles
to smile and 43 to frown;
shiv, take the easy path: sing!

the obscurest bird
sings the sweetest song

I wonder if this thing with feathers,
Hope, is now in its nest, shiv,
Or it is flying away

Sing so sweet shiv
That hope asks
For a crumb

Hope is not a thing
with feathers shiv
It's with petals

Fuck the truth:
I mean make
Love to it

Stop telling me fairy tales
Get out of your cave
Life is to sing

We see
only because
we are different

Facebook fatigue:
Take me to a place
from where friends like,
shiv, to where strangers love,
to a place where followers trust

in the company
of sweet singers shiv

My guru lives in my heart.
That is an incomplete statement
Because he lives in your heart too.

Spring is beautiful shiv
due to differences
of color