An inspiring song about how love transforms - November by @graceandtony

I have been listening to this for a few days. Very inspiring song from an unusual fusion of blugress and punk. They call it punkgrass. Its a must listen. This is how music is meant to be. Beautiful.


When Grace Shultz and Tony White met they began experimenting with an unlikely blend of genres. By mixing punk, folk, bluegrass and Texas swing, they created something new. What resulted was a blend of music for those searching for what’s beyond the norm.

“Punkgrass” was born.

Honing their newfound brand of music on the sidewalks of downtown Nashville, Grace & Tony had no idea where their music might lead them. Determined to be heard by a bigger audience, the duo began booking local show across Tennessee and the surrounding areas.

In 2011, working with producer Lloyd Aur Norman and engineer Stephen D Jones at Villain Place in Nashville, they recorded their debut EP, “Inside a 7 Track Mind.” Their songs of murder, addiction, and lost love were wrapped in a happy twist and showcased their ability to create emotionally connective music.

Since the EP’s release, new doors have opened for Grace & Tony that they never thought possible. Already selling several hundred copies of their album, headlining the Historic Crockett Theater, and performing on the legendary Daytrotter Sessions and Knoxville’s Blue Plate Special the future looks exciting for these two. Not to mention two of their videos are being played in regular rotation on The Country Network, a television station that goes out to over 34 million households.

2013 holds a lot in store for the young couple, their debut full length, “November” has been recorded and is ready for an exciting release.  The anticipation has been growing as their fans have already successfully funded Grace & Tony’s kickstarter campaign, and sold out their hometown shows a month in advance.

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