Cobbled together by RC dewinter

I really liked this poem I read today by RC dewinter. First, because it is a song with no ego, a poem that bares it all. And second, I really liked the structure -- the metaphor of "cobbled together" is used again and again, and in the end we know its about the person. Really well crafted. Read more about her here:

Cobbled Together

by RC dewinter

bits of this
a scrap of that
bent nails
and mismatched board
peeling paint
rainsoaked wood
cobbled together

crazyquilt barn
full of moldering junk
pieces that make no sense
hammered onto
the structural walls
that refuse to fall down
cobbled together

no plan no rhyme
and not much reason
patched and tattered
and patched again
barely serviceable
that would be me
cobbled together