Buddha Roars as the Lion, Bold and Thunderous

Guru Gobind Singh gave all his disciples the last name Singh, or Lion.  Guru Gobind Singh's is a revolutionary and fierce path.  It stands for the truth and it is not shy in picking up arms in defense of the needy.  

What animal would you associate with Buddha, the teacher of peace?  It was interesting for me, a Singh, to hear today that even Buddha -- known for spreading a religion with primarily pacifist teachings -- was known to associate himself with the Lion.  According to Buddhist researchers, "when the Buddha has occasion to refer to himself, he chooses to represent himself as the stately lion and to describe his proclamation of the Dhamma, bold and thunderous, as a veritable lion's roar in the spiritual domain."

This is a beautiful way of describing the Lion

Among the hordes of animals that roam the wild, whether the jungle, the mountains or the plain, the lion is universally recognized to be their chief. The living embodiment of self-possessed power, he is the most regal in manner and deportment, the mightiest, the foremost with respect to speed, courage and dominion. The expression of the lion's supremacy is its roar — a roar which reduces to silence the cries, howls, bellows, shrieks, barks and growls of lesser creatures. When the lion steps forth from his den and sounds his roar, all the other animals stop and listen. On such an occasion none dares even to sound its own cry, let alone to come into the open and challenge the fearless, unsurpassable roar of the golden-maned king of beasts.