What is the point - Kabir and Guru Arjan

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Kabir says, "What is the point if you don't give up pride!" and Guru Arjan says, "Without renouncing ego, how can one be a renunciate?"

Right Giving Up -

Kabīr māiā ṯajī ṯa kiā bẖaiā jao mān ṯajiā nahī jāe.
Mān munī munivar gale mān sabẖai kao kẖāe. ||156||

Kabeer, what good is it to give up Maya, if the mortal does not give up his pride?
Even the silent sages and seers are destroyed by pride; pride eats up everything. ||156||

Guru Arjan on Giving Up: 

Bin hao ṯiāg kahā koū ṯiāgī.
Without renouncing egotism, how can anyone be a renunciate?