Ae Dile Nadaan - Translation & Video

Aye dil-e-nadaan, aye dil-e-nadaan
Oh my immature heart,

Aarzoo kyaa hain, justajoo kyaa hain
What’s your desire? What are you seeking?

Hum bhatakate hain, kyon bhatakate hain dashta-o-seharaa mein ?
I’m wandering. Why am i wandering in this wilderness?

Aisa lagata hain, mauj pyaasi hain apane dariyaa mein,
It seems that, the wave is thirsty in its own ocean,

Kaisi uljhan hain, kyon ye uljhan hain
What is this enigma? why is this enigma?,

ek saayaa saa, rubaru kyaa hain
Like a shadow, what is present in front of me?

Kya kayamat hain, kyaa musibat hain
What’s this lassitude and turmoil for? whats this difficulty?,

Kah naheen sakate, kis kaa armaan hain,
Can’t say for whom this longing is,

Jindagi jaise khoyi khoyi hain, hairaan hairaan hain,
Life feels a little lost and confused,

Ye zameen chup hain, asmaan chup hain,
This earth is silent, and the sky is quite as well,

Fir ye dhadkan si chaar soo kya hain
Then why the sound of heartbeats everywhere

Aye dila-e-nadaan ayesi raahon mein kitane kaante hain
Oh my immature heart, there so many thorns like this in the path,

Aarzoon ne har kisi dil ko dard baante hain,
This longing has only conferred grief to every heart,

Kitane ghaayal hain, kitane bismil hain
So many are wounded already, so many are afflicted lovers,

Is khudai mein ek tu kyaa hain
Then who are you in this whole divinity?


naadaa.n: naive, foolish; aarzuu: desire; justujuu: search, pursuit; bhaTaknaa: to wander; dasht: desert; sehraa: wilderness; mauj: wave; pyaasii: thirsty; dariyaa: river; uljhan: turmoil, confusion; saayaa: shadow; ruuh-ba-ruuh: face-to-face; qayaamat: disaster, crisis, Day of Judgment: musiibat: misfortune; armaa.n: desire, hope; khoyii: lost; hairaa.n: confused, distressed; zamii.n: earth, land; chup: quiet, silent; aasmaa.n: sky; dhaDkan: pulse, heartbeat; chaar-suu: all around, in all four directions; raah: path; kaa.nTe: thorns; dard: pain; baa.nTnaa: to allocate, to distribute; ghayal: wounded; bismil: wounded, sacrificed; khudaayii: divinity, world.

The use of the word bismil adds a unique spiritual dimension to the lyrics of this song. Bismil means wounded or sacrificed and originates from the Islamic ritual of sacrificing animals as an offering while uttering bismillah (in the name of God).


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