Ratri Suktam from Rig Veda

Ratri Suktam of the Rig Veda (10:127:1-8)

This reminds me of "Bhinni Rainariye" a Chhant composed by Guru Arjan Dev; the language is beautiful and Punjabi, but the meaning remains very similar.


om raatree vyakhya daayatee purutraa devyakshabih
vishvaa adhi shriyo-dhita (1)
Om the night of duality comes forth in many forms and times perceivable by the divine power of sense.

orvapraa amartyaa nivato devyudvatah
jyotishaa baadhate tamah (2)
Omnipresent, immortal, the Goddess of places high and low; darkness is repelled by the Light.

niru svasaara maskritoshasam devyaa yatee
apedu haasate tamah (3)
She gave definition to Her sister, the Dawning Light, the Goddess who comes. And the darkness departs.

saa no adya yasyaa vayam ni te yaamanna vikshmahi
vrikshe na vasatim vayah (4)
She is ours now. May we see Her effortless, unimpaired movements upon the earth as a bird sees from its dwelling in a tree (remaining only the witness).

ni graamaaso avikshata ni padvanto ni pakshinah
ni shyenaa sashchidarthinah (5)
For all of humanity, for animals who traverse by foot, or birds who fly in the air, She is the object of desperate search.

yaavayaa vrikyam vrikam yavaya stena moormye
athaa nah sutaraa bhava (6)
Drive away the wolves of confusion, dispel the wolves of egotism, the thieves: hunger, thirst, greed, illusion, grief, and death. Then be to us the excellent crossing to Wisdom.

upa maa pepishattamah krishnam vyaktamasthita
usha rineva yaataya (7)
The all-pervasive darkness is near me, existing as individual forms in the blackness. O Dawning Light, dismiss this ignorance.

upa te gaa ivaakaram vrimeeshva duhitardivah
raatri stomam na jigyushe (8)
O Daughter of the Heavens, I have recited this to gratify you. O night of duality, may this hymn be victorious.