Meeta Kaur

I had posted a link to my poem "Thanksgiving Prayer" on my facebook account, and my friend Meeta wrote this encouraging comment:

"Shiv. I love this poem. It is perfect! It is absolutely perfect and so deeply humble and human. So sincere. I can feel the yearning which is so universal. I love the stanzas. The realization that we only have Baba Ji, Wahe Guru as our... guide. And I love that you refer to the Gurus as your angels. Okay. I'm motivated to send you something now. You made my day!! I keep reading it over and over and over again. Wow -- I wish I started reading your stuff earlier! :) A++++++++ My friend. A+"

I didn't understand it as well before, but now I understand how Bhagat Kabir would explain her reaction. Sometimes, as fruits and flowers, conditioned manipulations of our Creator, we and our poems taste and smell delicious; that happens when both the writer and reader are connected to our roots, the essence of Truth (Satnaam), through the branches of pure knowledge (in this case the pure knowledge is Guru Tegh Bahadur who wrote the shabad "Ab Main Kaun Upao Karoon").

Here is the definition of Satnaam by Kabir: Kabir - What is "Satnaam", Our True Identity

So thank you, Meeta giving me a richer understanding of Kabir's beautiful poem, and in the process reminding me of our One common father.