Gao Gao Ri ... Sing sing ... oh bridemaids sing ...

I heard this beautiful poem ...

this has to be in the granth sahib. So I looked, and I found it. Its a little different (some words are different), but strikingly similar.

Meanings of words in punjabi

5 elements
body is made of 5 elements: air, water, earth, fire and ether

Guru Tegh Bahadur says:
Paanch tat ko tan rachio, janio chatar sujaan
je te upjeyo Nanaka, leen tahi mai maan

The five elements that have made you
Says Nanak thats where you go back to

"maan" is translated usually as "understand;" I think its ego.

Raini is the "coloring" agent used by weavers like Kabir.
Bedi - to bind, could also be the pandit who reads the mantras

Bhaavar = Phere
LAAWAA BHAAWAR or AGNI PRADAKSHINA – The laawa from both sides is mixed and with the help of the dulahin’s brother. The couple now make offerings of specially prepared grains symbolizing fertility and prosperity to the fire. This is done while circling the fire seven times, with the dulahin leading the first four, signifying her promise to always be the first person by the dulaha’s side.

Found on the internet:

Kamal Nabhi Temple is located near Thanesar, in Kurukshetra District of Haryana. The highlight is a sacred tank named Kamal Nabhi within the temple premises. According to Hindu mythology, this tank enshrines a sacred lotus, which is believed to be the abode of Lord Brahma and the lord is said to have manifested from the navel of the lotus. The images of Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma can be seen in the temple.
Accounts of creation differ in many respects. As per Hindu mythology, Brahma was born from a (kamala) lotus springing from Vishnu's navel and created the world through his daughter Saraswati.

Brahma, according to Hindu mythology, created the Vedas.

tan rainee man pun rap kar ha-o paacha-o tat baraatee.
I make my body the dying vat, and within it, I dye my mind. I make the five elements my marriage guests. raam raa-ay si-o bhaavar laiha-o aatam tih rang raatee. ||1||
I take my marriage vows with the Lord, my King; my soul is imbued with His Love. ||1|| gwau gwau rI dulhnI mMglcwrw ]gaa-o gaa-o ree dulhanee mangalchaaraa.
Sing, sing, O brides of the Lord, the marriage songs of the Lord. myry igRh Awey rwjw rwm Bqwrw ]1] rhwau ]mayray garih aa-ay raajaa raam bhataaraa. ||1|| rahaa-o.
The Lord, my King, has come to my house as my Husband. ||1||Pause|| nwiB kml mih bydI ric ly bRhm igAwn aucwrw ]naabh kamal meh baydee rach lay barahm gi-aan uchaaraa.
Within the lotus of my heart, I have made my bridal pavilion, and I have spoken the wisdom of God. rwm rwie so dUlhu pwieE As bfBwg hmwrw ]2]raam raa-ay so doolahu paa-i-o as badbhaag hamaaraa. ||2||
I have obtained the Lord King as my Husband - such is my great good fortune. ||2|| suir nr muin jn kauqk Awey koit qyqIs aujwnW ]sur nar mun jan ka-utak aa-ay kot taytees ujaanaaN.
The angles, holy men, silent sages, and the 330,000,000 deities have come in their heavenly chariots to see this spectacle. kih kbIr moih ibAwih cly hY purK eyk Bgvwnw ]3]2]24]kahi kabeer mohi bi-aahi chalay hai purakh ayk bhagvaanaa. ||3||2||24||
Says Kabeer, I have been taken in marriage by the One Supreme Being, the Lord God. ||3||2||24||

qnu rYnI mnu pun rip kir hau pwcau qq brwqI ]

The importance of 33 crore or kot tetees

Devata (god) is not same as Ishwar (God, Supreme Entity). The Vedas refer to not 33 crore Devatas but 33 types (Koti in Sanskrit) of Devatas.

They are explained in Shatpath Brahman very clearly. These include -
8 Vasus (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky, Moon, Sun, Stars/ Planets) that form components of universe where we live, 10 Life Forces in our body or Prana (Prana, Apana, Vyana, Udana, Samaana, Naga, Kurma, Kukala, Devadatta) and 1 Soul called Rudra, 12 Aditya or months of year, 1 Vidyut or Electromagnetic force that is of tremendous use to us 1 Yajna or constant noble selfless deeds done by humans. The master of these 33 Devatas is the Mahadeva or Ishwar who alone is to be worshipped as per 14th Kanda of Shatpath Brahman. The concept of 33 Devatas is a great research based subject in itself and requires in-depth study for proper understanding. However, it has been made very clear in all Vedic texts that they are NOT Ishwar and hence NOT to be worshipped.

rwm rwie isau Bwvir lYhau Awqm iqh rMig rwqI ]1]