Gautam Buddha - Teaching by example

This morning, "Toa Budh" left a message on my facebook page:

Toa Budh: Pass this message ------- Everything will be drown within few months/years. Save yourself by " worship of ethical and moral values. Speak maximam truth. Stop killing of animal/birds/living being. If possible Don't hurt any one. If possible Don't drink alkohole drinks and don't consume drugs,tobeco & smoke. If possible ...Don't eat seeds.(fruit is true food.) Love(innocent love & unconditional care) every human/living being. Help other. Forgive other's bad deeds. In case of wild animal/bird/other wild living being - prevention is good. If possible don't kill wild animal/bird/living being. " New world of peace & love will come soon. Almighty/Divine power will help u. Almighty/Divine Power(VISNU Bhagavan/ALLAH/RAB/GOD/ANY OTHER NAME) bless us all living being.

What I have found to be great in the life and works of Buddha is that he taught not by pontification, but by example. He learned himself, and became "Buddha," the all knowing; that by itself was the lesson, that itself a message. He believed that life's comforts did not bring peace; he gained inner peace in a unique way; and millions of others who follow him have found it as well. That message of peace is passed without being asked to pass.

Learning is the best way of preaching.
Listening is the best way of speaking.

Thanks for reminding me that thats how my Guru's taught. Most of the songs I sing are written in first person. Most of the bhakti saints sang in first person. Most sufis do too.