Kabir - What is "Satnaam", Our True Identity

On my trip from Denver back to California I was reading Rabindranath Tagore's book, "Songs of Kabir" and I happened to come across a beautiful definition of Satnaam or "True Name" ...

I am reminded of the question the Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard asks: Look into the deepest part of yourself. Can you sense the presence of a potential for change there?

"Satinam hai sab te nyara"

THE true Name is like none other name!
The distinction of the Conditioned from the Unconditioned is but a word:
The Unconditioned is the seed, the Conditioned is the flower and the fruit.
Knowledge is the branch, and the Name is the root.
Look, and see where the root is: happiness shall be yours when you come to the root.
The root will lead you to the branch, the leaf, the flower, and the fruit:
It is the encounter with the Lord, it is the attainment of bliss, it is the reconciliation of the Conditioned and the Unconditioned.

- Translated by Tagore