DhunAnand Foundation Recognized by IRS as a Public Charity

I have some good news: DhunAnand Foundation, which we founded earlier this year has been recognized by IRS as a Public Charity! And now we get to raise some money for artists who have been devastated by the pandemic. So this is exciting!!!

If you missed my previous post on this, at DhunAnand, we have been offering monthly stipends and paid projects to selected artists who focus on oneness since the middle of this year. We plan to continue this in 2022. Last week, I received a letter from the IRS that DhunAnand has been recognized as a 501 (c)(3) orgnanization. With this recognition, contributions to the foundation will be tax deductible for donors in the US.

I want to thank the founding team for all their efforts, including Amrita Asrani, Kirthana Kavassery, Harjeet Bajaj, Harprit Singh, Fontain Riddle, Gurpaul Kapoor, Sakshi Saini, and Suellen Primost.
The organization currently has no administrative costs and your donation would go directly to an artist and their family. Any amount donations are welcome, but you can cosponsor projects for $100 (2022 Membership, includes downloads of all music produced by DhunAnand in 2022) and cosponsor artists for $1000 (2022 Gold Membership, includes all downloads and also invitations to 4 intimate online events with artists in 2022).

If you want to volunteer, help us in other ways, or if you have questions please email us at dhunanand17@gmail.com.

I will share more about DhunAnand (including some music from our artists) in the coming days and weeks. The pandemic has really had a drastic impact on artists' lives and I am glad we are able to a serve of few of them through our efforts. We will gradually build our social media and online presence. Thanks for your support!

More information about DhunAnand and how to help is available here: https://www.shivpreetsingh.com/p/dhunanand-foundation.html


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