Saas Saas Simro Gobind - A Live Rendition by Shivpreet Singh with Suellen Primost

This is a live recording of Guru Arjan's Saas Saas Simro Gobind from last month when Suellen visited home. Suellen has been going through chemotherapy for blood cancer recently. And her white blood counts were very low. But carefree from any worries we sang and played. Saas Saas Simro Gobind, Man Antar ki utarai chind. Every breath I remember Gobind. And all the inner worries of my mind are dispelled. 

This shabad will be released along with 7 other shabads on Wednesday. Most of them are live versions of compositions I have recorded earlier. But there are a couple of new ones too. Exciting times ahead … 

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Shabad by Guru Arjan 

Sās sās simro gobinḏ 
Man anṯar kī uṯrai cẖinḏ

Pūre gur kā sun upḏes
Pārbarahm nikat kar pekẖ

Ās aniṯ ṯyāgo ṯarang
Sanṯ janā kī ḏẖūr man mang

Āp cẖẖod benṯī karho
Sāḏẖsang agan sāgar ṯarho

Har ḏẖan ke bẖar leho bẖandār
Nānak gur pūre namaskār

Translation/Reflection by Shivpreet Singh

Listening to the complete Guru
I come in the vicinity of oneness

Remembering oneness in every breath
I erase all the pain inside

Asking for the dust of Saints' feet
I abandon fleeting waves of desire

Renouncing my ego, praying with Saints
I cross life's ocean of fire

Bowing down to the complete Guru
I fill my coffers with divine wealth



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