Sunte Hain Ke Mil Jaati Hai - Rare Solo Version

Just came back from watching House of Gucci in the theaters and chanced upon this different solo version of this ghazal by Jagjit Singh. Different from the widely available versions of this ghazal. Poet: Rana Akbarabadi.


Sunte hain ke mil jaati hai, Har cheez dua se
Ek roz tumhain maang ke, Dekhenge Khuda se

tum saamne baiThe ho to hai kaif kii baarish
vo din bhii thay jab aag barsatii thii ghaTaa se

ae dil tuu unhein dekh kar kuchh aise taDapnaa
aa jaaye ha.Nsii un ko jo baiThe hai.n Khafaa se

duniyaa bhii milii hai Gam-e-duniyaa bhii milaa hai
vo kyuu.N nahin miltaa jisay maaNgaa tha Khuda se

jab kuchh na milaa haath duaaon ko uThaakar
phir haath uThaane hii paday, ham ko duaa se

aaiine mein vo apnii adaa dekh rahe hain
mar jaaye ki jii jaaye koii unkii balaa se

Neend aane lagi phir tere daaman ki havaa se 
Hum chaunkne vaale hi the bas khaab-e-vafaa se


They say that you can have anything you ask in prayer
One day I will try asking for you from God

If you come in front of me, it rains from heavens 
There were days when fire would rain from the skies

O heart, when you see your love, tremble in such a way
that my love starts laughing, she seems dissatisfied now

I have received the world, and all its pains
Why haven't I attained who I had asked from God. 

When I received nothing then I had 
raise my hands to pray

She is looking at herself in the mirror
whether someone lives or dies, she doesn't care

I am sleepy again because of the wind of your dress
I was just going to wake up from this dream of loyalty