if everything happens that can't be done - ee cummings and oneness

e.e. cummings was revolutionary as a poet. Here is an ecstatic. You leap from one sentence to another like water going from pebble to pebble in a stream. 

ee Cummings turned to literature after being prisoned in France on false grounds. His first book, the enourmous room came from that experience. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Enormous_Room

This poem is about oneness. And how nature’s songs are better than our discussions: Birds sing sweeter than books can tell. Conventional wisdom imparted from books falls short of truth, love and beauty. Language likewise has a limited scope in describing such things. Bad teachers don’t understand this and keep focusing on conventional teachings; good teachers stress experiential learning and exploring beyond convention. 

The poet breaks so many rules; he goes beyond the conventional rules of the language. He finds that truth love and beauty are in oneness. There is an incredible ness of oneness, truth, love and beauty.  

if everything happens that can't be done
e.e. cummings

if everything happens that can't be done
(and anything's righter
than books
could plan)
the stupidest teacher will almost guess
(with a run
around we go yes)
there's nothing as something as one

one hasn't a why or because or although
(and buds know better
than books
don't grow)
one's anything old being everything new
(with a what
around we come who)
one's everyanything so

so world is a leaf so a tree is a bough
(and birds sing sweeter
than books
tell how)
so here is away and so your is a my
(with a down
around again fly)
forever was never till now

now i love you and you love me
(and books are shuter
than books
can be)
and deep in the high that does nothing but fall
(with a shout
around we go all)
there's somebody calling who's we

we're anything brighter than even the sun
(we're everything greater
than books
might mean)
we're everyanything more than believe
(with a spin
alive we're alive)
we're wonderful one times one

Reminds me of 

Dhai Akhar Prem Ke