Babul mora - Meaning and History

Babul mora naihar chhuto hi jaay
Char kahaar mile, mori doliyaa sajave
Mora aapnaa begana chhuto jaay!
Naihar chhuto hi jaay... 
Aangana toh parbat bhayo aur dehari bayi bidesh
Jay babul ghar aapno mai chali piya ke desh! 

बाबुल मोरा, नैहर छूटो ही जाए बाबुल मोरा, नैहर छूटो ही जाए

चार कहार मिल, मोरी डोलिया सजावें (उठायें) मोरा अपना बेगाना छूटो जाए | बाबुल मोरा ...

आँगना तो पर्बत भयो और देहरी भयी बिदेश जाए बाबुल घर आपनो मैं चली पीया के देश | बाबुल मोरा 

O My father! I'm leaving home.
O My father! I'm leaving home.

The four (palanquin) bearers lift my palanquin.
I'm leaving those who were my own.

Your courtyard is now like a mountain, and the threshold, a foreign country.
I leave your house, father, I am going to my beloved's country.

Babul, my canopy will be cut.
Where did you meet four people, decorate my girlfriend
My own and strangers leave me!
Naihar keeps getting cuter...
The courtyard is Parbat brothers and Dehari is also foreign
Hail Babul, I am going to the country of my own people!


The song was written by Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the 19th-century Nawab of Awadh as a lamentwhen he was exiled from his beloved Lucknow by the British Raj before the failed Rebellion of 1857, where he uses the metaphor of bidaai (bride's farewell) of a bride from her father's (babul) home, and his own banishment from his beloved Lucknow, to far away Calcutta, where he spent the rest of his years.[1][2][3][4]

It was also popularised by the legendary classical vocalist, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi.


  1. It is also metaphorical for death. We go to the God's place on wooden bed with 4 carriers. God's place it the final abode and He is the ultimate Piya. And everyone of this world then becomes begana