Ranee Dillon: If You Could Turn Back Time ...

A few days ago I had posted something on Acceptance. Acceptance is a key theme for angels. Accepting does not need to be dreary. Not only do angels accept what is given to them, but they sing their acceptance. They rejoice their gifts. When I say, "The purpose of life is to sing," I have purposefully left out a lot unsaid. This way angels can help me figure out what the rest of it is. And many of them, including my dear Guru Nanak whose first poem is about Acceptance (Hukam Rajai), repeatedly teach me that the purpose of life is to sing the gifts of life. Here is a beautiful essay by a beautiful soul, Ranee Dillon (Highly recommended reading her blog: http://raneedillon.blogspot.com/) about this. She recently wrote on her blog about what she would change if she could turn back time. And this is what she said:

The bigger picture is never clear. We often focus on the details thinking we might find control, but the illusion is no one can halt the progress of time. It’s a tapestry woven with joy and pain. Each event has a place, some threads shine brighter than others. If you take one out, the entire picture begins to unravel, because they interlock to create a life. With every choice, a new thread forms to expand the edges.

Still we grasp the frays tucking them away from memory or dying them in less painful hues; mentally rewriting our history, editing out the parts of the tapestry we don’t want to face. A single thought hits: If we could go back to the beginning, it might be possible to remove the frays altogether. While this may be true have you ever considered the consequences? I have…

I married at a young age to a man I didn’t really love. It’s not that I had to marry him; I could have gone back to school and raised my daughter as a single mother or accepted the proposal of the man I did love. For many years after I left him, I considered what might have happened if I chose a different path. Each time the thought hit me my son would be there, in my arms, telling me about his day. I would smile and nod, and then hug him until I couldn’t breathe.

You see, if I had chosen the other path this amazing child would not be here today. Sure, I would have other children, but not this one or the beautiful little redhead that makes my heart smile. Every event exists for a reason. We can never see the purpose until we live the result. If we change a single thing in our history, it creates entirely different threads. Some may be better, but I believe the better is lived in the now and is based on choices.

Change doesn’t exist in the past, only lessons. We learn and grow from them to make the now right or we repeat the mistakes of our past. Either way, it will only get there when we stop looking over the fence at greener grasses and tend our own.