Lata Mangeshkar - Chalte Chalte

Listening to Lata Mangeshkar's evergreen song from Bollywood classic "Pakizah" today -- Chalte Chalte (literally Walking walking). The song is about the changes that happen and that are dreamed when one's love is found one day, by chance, while you are walking on your way.

Romantic love so beautifully captures spiritual love; and therefore is often used as a metaphor by mystics. What else is the mystic doing but trying to find his guru.  And in the remembrance of his love, singing a  song of waiting and dreaming:

Chalte Chalte -

Lyrics for Chalte Chalte

Chalte chalte

Yunhi koi mil gaya tha 
Sare raah chalte chalte
Vahin thamke reh gayi hai
Meri raat dhalte dhalte

Jo kahi gayi na mujhse
Voh zamaana keh raha hai
Ke fasaana ban gayi hai
Meri baat chalte chalte

Shabe intezaar aakhir
Kabhi hogi muqtasar bhi
Yeh chiraag bujh rahe hain
Mere saath jalte jalte

Translation of Chalte Chalte

Walking on the road
perchance I met someone 
And ever since then 
the night stopped fading away

What I wasn't able to say
This, the world is saying
They started telling my story 
and it has become an epic

After all this night's waiting
will be fruitful someday
This lamp are extinguishing
Burning with me

Inspired Poem

When perchance one day
I meet you on the way
This sun will pause
and then forever stay

This night of wait
will say goodbye
These flickering lamps
shall cease to lie.

And what I see now
everyone'll see too,
my dream of an epic,
story of me and you.


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