Lia Scor - Prayers with you and your family!

Sorry about your loss Lia. I sang an Indian poem when my grandfather passed away, and when my grandmother passed away. And it gave me some solace. So here is a translation for you:

I have come to know of a place through angels;
its a place from where no one comes back.
Its found when true light shines from inside;
this light, like that place, is indestructable
and appears when body and mind were colored with
the dye of love, which dwells in the abode of truth.
Like water flows into water, and stays;
Light merges into light, and truly lives.
Going is gone, but knowing the truth now
I am now grateful for the gifts that are mine.
And ones that were.

- Shiv

Here is a recorded version of this:

Jal meh jal means "water in water". The refrain means "Like water finds a home in water (river flowing into an ocean); Light merges into light, and truly lives (departed soul goes to God)." This is a from a beautiful poem written by Guru Arjan Dev in the 16th century. It is part of "Sukhmani" or "Pearl of Bliss." This poem is still sung in India when a soul departs from a body.


  1. I'm so incredibly moved by this touching song and by you reaching out to offer friendship and support. We are not strangers you and I. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, your words and music have truly helped me.