A Busking Mermaid

Today an busking mermaid is my angel. I saw an ad going through craigslist (see below). I love "buskers" -- street musicians - and often stand an extra minute to watch and appreciate what they are doing. There is even a cool website on them (http://www.buskercentral.com/) They are on the street and playing so we can be happier. What a noble act. Singing in harmony with the universe makes you happy and makes the world around you a more beautiful place.

I might be a financial analyst, but on your computer I am like a street musician. A busker. People come by ... some listen, others walk off. Some pay, others smile. I like being listened to, but I am also to happy just doing my thing. I am just happy to sing. The purpose of life is not happiness; it is the pursuit of happiness. That is why, my friends, the purpose of life is to sing in harmony.

Look at this beautiful video of musicians in New Orleans ...


Hey folks,

If you're not familiar with the wonderful world of busking, it's a great way to make a few bucks and have a good time! I'm one of those funny looking kids you might find making noise on the streets, and now that I'm temporarily back in the bay area (trying to save up for a plane ticket), I'm trying to turn what is already my sole source of income into a full-time job. Don't worry, I'm not looking for a steady commitment from a fully instrumented band or anything, just some nice folks who don't feel like busking alone for the next couple weeks. Here's a super ridiculous video of me playing with a busking-only band in New Orleans several months ago:


Yes, I am in fact the dweeb in the mermaid costume with the violin! We weren't great, but we had a blast and managed to make tons of money. So, if you want to hang out anywhere in the bay accessible by BART once or twice a week, make music with a mediocre fiddle player, and make some dollars, I'm your girl! I'm open to pretty much any kind of music that works on the street, and I will ABSOLUTELY NOT TOLERATE ANY racist, sexist or general asshole-ish behavior!
Oh yeah, I also just finished a tour with the band Mister Gunn and the Pistol Packin' Mamas. Check us out!
Let me know!