Lena Winfrey Seder - Acceptance

The best thing of all for me is to remember that my serenity is inversely proportional to my expectations. Acceptance is the answer.
- Deborah Alvarez Neff

Photo by Bob Berwyn

by Lena Winfrey Seder
(Author of Metamorphosis of a Muslim)

Here I cry and sit feeling sorry for myself.
Dreams are broken and scattered from my shelf.
Yet, no one stops to lend a helping hand.
Everyone is busy with his life in rat-race land.
Yes, I suppose the victim I play very well.
So used to my role, how can I get out of this hell?
Honestly, my story would put a drama queen to shame.
I suppose there is only myself to blame.
I can only rely on God and myself in the end.
To Destiny’s plan I must follow and bend.
No use to struggle, the fight is over-- stop running!
Accept, give in and stop my silly dreaming.
Nature, world, destiny-- take me for I’m yours!
I’m exhausted from banging my head on walls-- take me
I’m yours forevermore.

This beautiful poem reminds me of my dear Guru Nanak's first poem in Japji. He could have called it Acceptance as well, because thats what its all about:

On the path of purity
I did not become clean
On the path of silence
I did not gain peace
On the path of riches
I did not gain wealth
On the path of intelligence
I did not gain wisdom
On the path of acceptance
I found the noble truth.
- Guru Nanak