Happy Baisakhi - Celebrating Baisakhi with Pritpal Singh Khalsa

I am honored to be sitting down to have an online chat with Pritpal Singh Khalsa ji from Sikh Dharma International on Wednesday, April 14, 3PM EST.  I will be releasing a new video following our chat. It is a Guru Arjan shabad in Raag Asa about finding the exalted wisdom of the Guru within, which I thought would be apt for Baisakhi. This chat will be available on Facebook as well as YouTube

The video will premier on my YouTube channel at 5PM PST (I don't know how the premier timing works so it didn't premiere at 5PM EST as scheduled; I might to a regular launch if it still doesn't work) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDoOheLp3tc