Tumi robe nirobe - Rabindranath Tagore - Lyrics and Translation

Tumi Robe Nirobe ... this is one of my favorite Tagore songs. I am listening to it, meditating upon it and translating it. It happens to be a full moon tomorrow, and a fragrant jasmine blossoms in our front yard as the summer ensues. 


Tumi robe nirobe hridoye mamo 
NibirO nibhrito purnima nishithini somo || 

MomO jibanO joubanO momO akhilO bhubanO 
Tumi bhoribe gourabe nishithini somO || 

Jagibe ekaki tabO karunO aankhi, 
TobO anchalO chhaya more rohibe dhhaki | 
Momo dukkhobedanO momo safalO swopanO 
Tumi bhoribe sourabhe nishithini-somo || 


Thou shalt dwell in silence in my heart like the full moon in the summer night.
Thy sad eyes shall watch over me in my wanderings.
The shadow of thy veil shall rest upon my heart
Thy breath like the full moon in the summer night shall hover about my dreams, making them fragrant.

- Translated by Rabindranath Tagore

Like the full moon on a dark night
you live silently in my heart
giving my life a youthful radiance.
Your eyes alone look at me compassionately.
The shadow of your cloak drapes me as I sleep. 
Your breath hovers over my painful stories and sweet dreams 
like the full moon on a dark night.

- My interpretation
[I have taken a lot of liberties in this translation; my aim is to transfer the essence of what I have understood. I also like the present tense because it feels more personal to me if it is present tense. Its nice to see how Gurudev Tagore himself takes liberties with his own verse, attesting to allowing a wider interpretation.]

You shall remain in my heart, quietly,
Like a dark, composed, moonlit night.
You shall fill my life, my entire universe,
With grace and dignity, like a calm night.
Your passionate eyes alone shall stay awake,
Your shady veil shall provide me comfort.
You shall fill up my pain and feelings, 
My successful dreams, like a delightful night.

- Translated by Anjan Ganguly

You will reside silently in my heart 
Like a deep, secret full moon.
You will fill up - 
My life, my bloom of youth, my whole world
With pride and joy of midnight.
Your pensive, lonely eyes will be sleepless
You will drape me with your cloak of love 
You will fill up my efficacious dreams
You will erase my pains with the fragrance of midnight.

- Translated by Rabiul Zaki

You will dwell silently in my heart
Like the dense secret moonlit night
My youth, my life, my whole universe
You will pervade with pride as does the night
Your poignant eyes shall watch me
The shadow of your veil will wrap me
My sorrows and my triumphant dreams 
You will fill with delicate scent like the beautiful night.

- Translated by Ratna De

Lyrics in Bengali

রাগ: বেহাগ
তাল: একতাল
রচনাকাল (বঙ্গাব্দ): ১৮ কার্তিক, ১৩০২
রচনাকাল (খৃষ্টাব্দ): 1895
রচনাস্থান: জোড়াসাঁকো

তুমি রবে নীরবে হৃদয়ে মম 
নিবিড় নিভৃত পূর্ণিমানিশীথিনী-সম ।। 

মম জীবন যৌবন মম অখিল ভুবন 
তুমি ভরিবে গৌরবে নিশীথিনী-সম ।। 

জাগিবে একাকী তব করুণ আঁখি, 
তব অঞ্চলছায়া মোরে রহিবে ঢাকি । 

মম দুঃখবেদন মম সফল স্বপন 
তুমি ভরিবে সৌরভে নিশীথিনী-সম ।।


  1. Suuperb compilation of lyrics in english, hemantji singing and translation!👍thank u