Dekh To Dil Ke Jaan - Translation and Lyrics of Mir Taqi Mir Ghazal

Couplets from Mir Taqi Mir's Ghazal Dekh To Dil Ke Jaan


Is it from your heart or your life 
that this smoke is rising?

Which heartless person's grave is this sky
Every morning a spark rises from it!

Don't leave the chambers of the heart
Who vacates such a house?

When there is tension in my head
There is a noise in the sky

Where my eyes meet your eyes
There a storm rises

O flaming voice, mind the house
A smoke is rising from your nest

Where can that person go
who has refused your refuge

I exited your from that street
like someone exits this world

Meer, love is an extremely heavy stone
Weaklings cannot lift it