A moving story from the highways of China

This happened on a highway in China. Forty passengers, mostly males were on an inter-state bus. Halfway through the journey, two thugs on the bus suddenly went up to the lady bus driver and demanded that she stopped he bus and follow them to a waste ground nearby.

The lady driver refused and began to put up a fight against them. At the same time, she cried out to the other passengers in the bus to help her. However, the other passengers not only cruelly turned a deaf ear to her cries, they even suggested that she give in to the thugs' demands so that they can carry on their journey quickly when they are done with her.

One young man amongst the passengers stood out to chide the rest of the passengers and tried to help the lady driver. However, sensing that the majority of the people do not have the guts to resist them, the thugs grew even bolder and beat up the young man.

They then forcefully dragged the lady driver out of the bus. Right on the side of the road, they raped the lady driver while the rest watched. After that these thugs commanded the lady drive to return to the bus and resume with the journey.

With tears streaming down her face, the lady driver begged that they drive the righteous young man out of the bus as she is too ashamed to face him again. The young man felt absolutely stupefied. So much for trying to speak up for the lady and now he is thrown out and left stranded on a desolated highway!

Hours later, when the lady driver passed by a mountainous cliff, she sped up and flung the whole bus with all its passengers over the cliff, right into the bottom of the valley. This story was retold later by the only survivor of the journey - the righteous young man, Manjeet Singh who was driven out of the bus.

Story from Lianhe Zaobao
2 Aug 1999
Written by Wu Wei Cai, traveller and writer